Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari

Associate Professor, Department of CSIS
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, Jhunjhunu 333031, INDIA


PhD Students


Vikas Kumawat Human Activity Recognition For Medical Condition Classification. (2021PHXF0020P)
Arti Jha AI enabled Design of Optimal and Targeted Advertisement Campaign Strategy on E-commerce Platforms. (2021PHXF0471P)
Amit PandiaNovel Biometrics Techiniques. (2021PHXP0503P)
Bhaskar Mangal Autonomous Driving. (2021PHXP0473P)
Ankit AgrawalInformation Sharing in Decentralized Blockchain Setting [with Prof. Ashutosh Bhatia, CSIS]


Dr. Sugandha Arora Fractional-Order derivative in Soft Computing (with Prof. Trilok Mathur, Dept of Mathematics) [co-supervision], Oct 2023
Dr. Jagdish C Joshi Biometric Access System using Multimodal Techniques (with Prof. KK Gupta, Dept of EEE) [co-supervision], Nov 2022
Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav Unobtrusive Multimodal Human Activity Recognition (with Dr. SA Akbar, CSIR-CEERI) [co-supervision], June 2022
Dr. Geetika AroraEfficient Indexing Techniques for Biometric Databases, June 2022