Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari

Associate Professor, Department of CSIS
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, Jhunjhunu 333031, INDIA


UG/PG Students

Students need to learn Latex, a document preparation system. Instuctor have prepared a [video] and a [documentation] that you can take advantage of. A sample latex file is provided [here] having [this] bibliography. Download both the files and create a [oveleaf] document out of this.


Jan-Apr 2024

  1. UJJWAL AGGARWAL ( 2021A7PS2427P ) Backend For Human Recognition System
  2. ARMAAN GUPTA ( 2022A7PS0145P ) Computer Vision Model Compression
  3. VEDANT SINDHWANI ( 2022A7PS0055P ) Human Action Recognition
  4. DEEPAN ROY ( 2022A7PS0004P ) Human Action Recognition for Anomaly detection
  5. ITALIYA DHYEY KISHOR ( 2021A7PS1463P ) Human Authentication using Biometrics
  6. RIJUL BASSAMBOO ( 2021A7PS0009P ) Visual positional system for indoor navigation
  8. AADEESH GARG ( 2021A7PS0446P ) Athletic Review App
  9. VEDANT TULI ( 2021A7PS0435P ) App for Food Calory detection using Computer Visio
  10. PAYGHAN RAJAT BHAGWANT ( 2021A7PS2218P ) AI/ML Image Recognition
  11. ABHINAV LAMBA ( 2021B4A70913P ) CV based HAR for Rehabilitation

Aug-Dec 2023

  1. Payghan Rajat Bhagwant ( 2021A7PS2218P ) Human Action Recognition (Design)
  2. Chirag Maheshwari ( 2020A7PS0983P ) Human Action Recognition (Web)
  3. Hemant Seshadri Nemani ( 2021AAPS2170 ) Human Action Recognition (Web)
  4. Anish Kulkarni ( 2020A7PS0975P ) Human Action Recognition (Web)
  5. Shashank Khattar ( 2020A7PS1509P ) Human Action Recognition (Back)
  6. Ujjwal Aggarwal ( 2021A7PS2427P ) Human Action Recognition (Back)
  7. Suyash Singh ( 2020A3PS1540P ) Human Action Recognition (APP)
  8. Irvit Gupta ( 2020B4A30726P ) Human Action Recognition (APP)
  9. Nishant Luthra ( 2021A7PS2420P ) Human Action Recognition (APP)
  10. Ayush Srivastava ( 2021B5AA0772P ) 3D Virtual Avatars for the Metaverse
  11. Nachiketh S Shastry ( 2021A7PS2686P ) 3D Virtual Avatars for the Metaverse
  12. Akshat Gupta ( 2020A7PS0096P ) 3D Video Action Recognition and Posture Matching
  13. Prakhar Gurunani ( 2021A2PS2620P ) AR/VR Therapy for Stroke-Affected Patients
  14. Ridham Mittal ( 2021A7PS1454P ) AR/VR Therapy for Stroke-Affected Patients
  15. Arvind Ram ( 2020A7PS1210P ) Item Similarity Using Product Description
  16. Abhinav Lamba ( 2021B4A70913P ) 3D Video Action Recognition and Posture Matching
  17. Rahul Kiroriwal ( 2020B4PS1258P ) Crowd Behavior Analysis - Traffic flow and Anomaly
  18. Ria Shekhawat ( 2020B4A71986P ) Manifold Learning Using Diffusion for Face Recognition
  19. Samarth Khandelwal ( 2021A3PS0051P ) Biometrics
  20. Stavya Puri ( 2020B5A70912P ) Q Biometrics
  21. Satvik Sinha ( 2020A7PS0993P ) Q Image-to-image translation
  22. Srijan Khatri ( 2020B4A70836P ) Q Human Action Recognition
  23. Hemesh Gupta ( 2020A7PS1688P )
  24. Ghule Anish Subhash ( 2020A7PS0129P ) NLP: Closed Domain Pipeline for QA
  25. Yelakanti Akhil Dev ( 2020A7PS0032P ) Using LLM's for Edge Devices
  26. Shashank Agrawal ( 2020A7PS0073P ) Personalized chatbot with Negotiation

Old Students

Jan-Apr 2023

  1. AKHIL GOEL ( 2021A8PS2548P ) Human Motion Recognition
  3. MANAV JARAL ( 2020A2PS1760P ) human Action recognition model using comp vision
  4. PAYGHAN RAJAT BHAGWAT ( 2021A7PS2218P ) Human Motion Recognition
  5. SOUMYA VISHNOI ( 2020A7PS1512P ) Lightweight Human Action Recognition
  6. SURYA RATHI ( 2019A7PS0128P ) LightweightLibraries for Human Action Recogonition
  7. UJJWAL AGGARWAL ( 2021A7PS2427P ) Human motion recognition
  8. YADBEER SHARMA ( 2019B3A70521P ) Human Action Recognition on Mobile Devices
  9. ACHINTHYA HEBBAR S ( 2021A7PS1457P ) Algo Trading
  10. RISHABH SAHNI ( 2021A7PS1630P ) ML for Algo Trading
  11. ADITYA CHORARIA ( 2019B1A70734P ) Classification of Medical Conditions
  12. PRANAV DEEPAK TANNA ( 2021A7PS2685P ) Computer vision in locomotive medical conditions
  13. MEHADIA NIKUNJ ASHISH ( 2019B3A70343P ) Segmentation of satellite images MMI-1
  14. VINAY JAIN ( 2019B5A70728P ) MMI-02
  15. RIKHIL GUPTA ( 2021A7PS0533P ) Segmentation and Detection MMI-3
  16. OJASVA GOYAL ( 2021A2PS2378P ) UAV Tracking
  17. OMKAR SACHIN GOTHANKAR ( 2020A7PS0991P ) Face generation using description
  18. SHREYAS RAVISHANKAR SHEERANALI ( 2019B3A70387P ) Fractional Calculus for CV
  19. TIKESH VAISHNAV ( 2020A7PS0014P ) Blockchain based real time agricultural data frame
  20. AKSHAT GUPTA ( 2020A7PS0096P ) Developing mobile App/Web App for virtual farms
  21. AMAN MISHRA ( 2018B4A70877P ) Thesis - BITS F424T
  22. ABHIRAJ E ( 2019A7PS0050P ) offCamps Thesis
  23. PRITIKA RAMU ( 2019A7PS1140P ) offCamps Thesis

Aug-Dec 2022

  1. Abhijith S Raj (2019A7PS0055P) off-campus thesis
  2. Darsh Patel (2018----0532P) Fingerprint Impainting
  3. Agneya Bhardwaj (2019A8PS0297P)Deep Learning Frac. Derivatives for Obj. Detection
  4. Harsh Kumar Suman (2019A7PS0076P)Image Segmentation using DL and frac. derivative
  5. Chandra Sekhar Reddy E (2019B4A70634P)SOTA for wearable devices
  6. Pranav Taneja (2019B3A70487P)ML for wearable devices
  7. Shaurya Bhardwaj (2020A3PS0441P)IoT for wearable devices
  8. Lalit Kumar Jena (2019A7PS0094P) MMI-01
  9. Aditya Choraria (2019B1A70734P) MMI-02
  10. Vinay Jain (2019B5A70728P) MMI-02
  11. Sujay Rastogi (2019B4A70741P) MMI-03
  12. Abhay Narendran (2020A7PS0037P)Conversational AI
  13. Abhiraj E (2019A7PS0050P)Real time activity recognition using WIFI
  14. Chandak Atharva Maheshkumar (2019A7PS0062P)Fine-grained action recognition using Transformers
  15. Chirag Maheshwari (2020A7PS0983P)Human Activity Recognition
  16. Preyansh Agrawal (2019A7PS0052P)Identifying Neurodegenerative Diseases with DL
  17. Suri Sai Viswanadha Aditya (2020A7PS0077P)Sports Analysis for Olympic Games
  18. U Janvi (2020A8PS0901P)Conversational AI
  19. V Sushant (2019A7PS0045P)Sports Analysis for Olympic games
  20. Satyam Srivastava (2019B1A70188P)Reinforcement Learning
  21. Pritika Ramu (2019A7PS1140P) Forehead Biometrics
  22. Anish Subhash Ghule (2020A7PS0129P) Chatbot for Academic Queries

Jan-Apr 2022

  1. ANANT VERMA (2018B1A70685P) FingerFill
  2. ARCHIT JAIN (2018B3A70792P) Teeth Recognition
  3. MANPREET SINGH TALWAR (2018B4A70925P) Footprint based human Authentication
  4. PRITIKA RAMU (2019A7PS1140P) FaceWrinkle based human Authentication
  5. DARSHIL JARIWALA (2020A7PS0985P) Image Matching using deep learning and fractional
  6. HARSH KUMAR SUMAN (2019A7PS0076P) Image Segmentation using DL fractional derivative
  7. VANSH CHHABRA (2019B1A71039P) Object Detection using fractional derivative DL
  8. JUTTU ASISH (2019A7PS0039P) Image Matching-deep learning&fractional derivative
  9. ABHIRAJ E (2019A7PS0050P) WiFi-based activity recognition in real-time
  10. ACHLESHWAR LUTHRA (2018A3TS0401P) Video Understanding
  11. ADITYA GARG (2019A8PS0309P) Deep Learning for Synthetic Generation of Kid Face
  12. POONDLA BHARATH REDDY (2018A7PS0273P) Deep Learning for Crowd behaviour understanding
  13. SIDDHANT JAIN (2018A7PS0282P) WiFi Human Action Recognition
  14. Jai Doshi (2018AAAA0012) Pipeline traching and inspection using drones (ISC Banglore)
  15. SATYAM SRIVASTAVA (2019B1A70188P) Federated Learning (University of Texas)
  16. KULKARNI CHAITANYA VISHWANATH (2018A7PS0161P) Segmentation framework to detect threat item (CEERI)
  17. PRANAV KATARIA (2018B1A70666P) c-Zentrix Proj - chatbot
  18. ANSHUMAN SINGH (2018A8PS0039P) Architecture-image matching
  19. ANISH SUBHASH GHULE (2020A7PS0129P) Chatbot for Academic queries
  20. PUNIT MAHESHWARI (2019A7PS0007P) Fingerprint Enhancement
  21. HEMANT AGARWAL (2018B3A70754P) Computer Vision
  22. PRAVIN KUMAR SAHA (2021H1030109P) RP-M.Tech
  23. SAURABH SUDHIR KULKARNI (2021H1030124P) RP-M.Tech
  24. VENKATA PRANEETH KORLAM (2021H1120265P) RP-M.Tech

Aug-Dec 2021

  1. Abhijith S Raj (2019A7PS0055P) Deep Learning for Human Action Prediction
  2. Atharva Chandak (2019A7PS0062P) DL for large-scale video action recognition
  3. Nishika Gupta (2018B4A70858P) DL for large-scale video action recognition
  4. MANIAR AADIT PRATIK (2018A7PS0205P) Deep Learning for 3D Posture Matching
  5. Archit Bhatnagar (2019A7PS0133P) Deep Learning for 3D Posture Matching
  6. Manisha Garg (2018B3A70916P) Deep Learning for Sports Video Analysis
  7. Rishika Jain (2018B1A70302P) Deep Learning for Sports Video Analysis
  8. Saksham Pandey (2018B3A70790P) Deep learning for human pose understanding
  9. Prateek Grover (2018A3PS0338P) Deep learning for human pose understanding
  10. Esha Pahwa (2018B2A70675P) Deep learning for crowd behaviour analysis
  11. Sarthak Manoj Ade (2019A7PS0079P) Federated Learning for Privacy Decentralisation
  12. ABHAY PRAKASH (2019A7PS0058P) Federated Learning for Privacy Decentralisation
  13. Hemant Agarwal (2018B3A70754P) Bayesian RL for Higher Cognition in Machine
  14. Alfred William Jacob (2018A7PS0266P) Bayesian RL for Higher Cognition in Machine
  15. Ashutosh Sharma (2018B3A70928P) FingerFill
  16. Ayush Goyal (2019A7PS0084P) Liveness Detection in Face
  17. SHIVAM AGARWAL (2018B3A70786P) Image Enhancement Using FD and DL
  18. Vibha Rao (2019A7PS0132P) Image Enhancement Using FD and DL
  19. SAONI DEB (2020H1120300P) Fractional Calculus (RP)
  20. Tushar Jain (2019A7PS0110P) deepBlink
  21. Rohit K Bharadwaj (2017B4A70633P) Thesis
  22. PRITIKA RAMU (2019A7PS1140P) mapmyIndia
  23. ABHIRAJ E (2019A7PS0050P) mapmyIndia
  25. GAURANSH SAWHNEY (???) Twitter

Jan-Apr 2021

  1. A Anand Tadepalli (2018A7PS1117P) Iris indexing
  2. MULUGURU SOBHAN (2018A7PS0597P) Fingerprint Indexing
  3. Raghurama Varma Gonela (2018A7PS1120P) Large scale video classification using deep learning
  4. Shreyas Bhat Kera (2018A7PS1119P) Large scale video classification using deep learning
  5. Muhtashim Rafiqi (2018A7PS0151P) Image segmentaion and classification for Agriculture data
  6. Ananya Varma (2018A7PS0208P) Image segmentaion and classification for Agriculture data
  7. Achleshwar Luthra (2018A3PS0401P) Drone camera based human action recognition
  8. Apurv Kumar Shukla (2018A8PS0405P) Drone camera based human action recognition
  9. Aditya Deshmukh (2018A7PS0246P) Video classification using transformer networks
  10. V.Aravindan (2017B4A70849P) Video classification using transformer networks
  11. Alfred William Jacob (2018A7PS0266P) Image captioning and description using deep learning
  12. Akshay Gundewar (2018A7PS0240P) Instructional action recognition using deep learning
  13. SIVA SAI (2017B3A70779P) Instructional action recognition using deep learning
  14. Soham Agarwal (2017A3PS0345P) Fractional calculas weight learning for image quality estimation
  15. Ramachandren Shankar (2017A7PS1171P) Fractional calculas weight learning for Image denoising
  16. Rohit K Bharadwaj (2017B4A70633P) Selfi Biometrics
  17. Anshuman Singh (2018A8PS0039P) Core point detection for fingerprint images
  18. Dhruv Singhal (2017B3A70765P) Biometrics for Mobile devices.
  19. Rushikesh Zawar (2017B1A70977) Anomaly detection using GANs
  20. Krupa Bhayani (2018B4A70844P) Anomaly detection using GANs
  21. SAONI DEB (2020H1120300P) Palmprint Indexing (RP)
  22. Aniket Mourya (2020H1120298P) Blockchain data analytics (RP)

Aug-Dec 2020

  1. ADITYA DESHMUKH (2018A7PS0246P) Deep Learning for KARATE activity recognition
  2. PARAS TANEJA (2018B2A80999P) Deep Learning for single image yoga pose detection
  3. GUNTAAS SINGH (2018A7PS0269P) Deep Learning for group activity recognition
  4. EGNA PRANEETH GUMMANA (2018A7PS0284P) Deep Learning for human general activity recognition
  5. RISHABH JAIN (2018A-P-0430P) Deep Learning for knuckleprint segmentation
  6. R KARTIK (2018A7PS0225P) Deep Learning for indexing on Fingerprint database
  7. MULUGURU SOBHAN (2018A7PS0597P) Deep Learning for indexing on Knuckle databases
  8. MUDIT WADHWA (2018A7PS0330P) Deep Learning for indexing on Facial databases
  9. SAUMIL AGARWAL (2018A7PS0268P) Deep Learning for Indexing on Palmprint Databases
  10. ADITYA TULSYAN (2017B4A70740P) Deep Learning for FtPrint
  11. ARPIT KUMAR (2018A7PS0272P) MMI - Turn by turn route recommender system using AI
  12. KUSHAGRA RAINA (2017----0161P) studying Diabetic Retinopathy and neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration (nAMD)
  13. KUMAR VIVEK ANAND (ID) Slap Segmentation

Jan-Apr 2020

  1. Adarkar Saujas (2017A7PS0109P) Indexing Fingerprint
  2. Abhinava Arasada (2017A7PS0028P) Core point extraction from FP images
  3. Govind Singh, Saumil Agarwal (2017A4PS0554P,2018A7PS0268P) Indexing Palmprint Database
  4. Rachit Agarwal, Mohit Kriplani (2016B2A70901P,2016B1A70870P) Turn by Turn Route Recommendation System using AI
  5. Utkarsh Agarwal, Siddhant Khandelwal (2016B3A70581P,2017A7PS0127P) Scene Change Detection
  6. Ayush Vachaspati (2016B3A70398P) Traffic Congection Detection
  7. Yash Sarawgi, Kaustubh Namjoshi (2016A8PS0198P,2016A8PS0406P) Automatic Q/A generation
  8. Yash Vijay (2017A7PS0072P) Analysis of encrypted traffic data
  9. Kumar Mallikarjuna (2017B4A70707P) NLP: Multihop Question Answering
  10. Rishabh Jain, Shrey Agarwal (2017A8PS0584P,2018B2A40707P) Face Live Attendance
  11. Rahil Balar, Shail Raval (VGEC Gujrat) 4Slap segmentation and indexing

July-Nov 2019

  1. Nimit Jain Palmprint indexing
  2. Shsantanu Vichare Iris indexing
  3. Palak Vij core point
  4. Govind Singh Palm Indexing
  5. Palash Dhakar Bankrupsy prediction
  6. Swati Kandari Fingerprint Indexing
  7. Sahil Dubey
  8. Amlan Routray Face Indexing
  9. Harshvardhana Shrirup Face Indexing
  10. Sargun Singh Question answer
  11. Lavyanya Soni drdo-encrypted traffic
  12. Ayush Vachaspati MMI - Conjection detection on video images
  13. Piklu Paul MMI - Conjection detection on video images
  14. Bharat Bhargava MMI - Conjection detection on video images
  15. Vipin Baswan MMI-gps vehicle
  16. Swadesh Vaibhav MMI-gps vehicle
  17. Saujas Adarkar Knuckle Indexing
  18. Adithya Shankar MMI-scene change
  19. Siddhant Khandelwal MMI-scene change
  20. Komal Vasudeva Question answer - google assistant
  21. Rohan Kela MMI-proj-turn by turn routing

Jan-May 2019

  1. Nikhil Ranjan
  2. Garv Sachdeva
  3. Sarthak Srivastava
  4. Kumar Mallikarjun
  5. Vatsal Jignesh Badami
  6. Mayank Jain
  7. Ayush Vachaspati
  8. Sankeerth Nalam
  10. Rohit K Bharadwaj
  11. G Adityan
  12. Kshitij Gupta
  13. Sargun
  14. Sahil Dubey
  15. Arjun Dhar
  16. Harshavardhana Shrirup
  17. Chandak Tanmaay Sandip

July-Nov 2018

  1. Shyamal Vadera
  2. Shubham Jain
  3. Nikhil Ranjan
  4. Akshit Bodia
  5. Awais Ahmed
  6. Fauzan Zaid
  7. Atmadeep Bannerjee
  8. Dwait Bhatt
  12. Patel Parth
  13. Kumar Shreshtha